Our products are specifically developpped for experimental fields in the agricultural industry. They are tested on a wide variety of crops - including corn, wheat, potato and vegetables – for different soil types, drone platforms and imaging sensors. They supply you with the right crop statistic on every inch of your fields from meter to sub-cm resolution.

Standard Products


Digital Terrain Model

  • Orthomosaic:
    Orthomosaic is the basic product of your drone data which gives you a direct visual overview of your fields. Depending on the resolution of your raw drone data, we can process and deliver sub-cm resolution imagery.
  • Digital Terrain Model:
    The digitial terrain model measures the terrain altitude with a precision comparable to field-based topographic measurements.

Advanced Products

Crop Heigth

Crop Cover

Crop Count

  • Crop Height:
    Crop height is one of the key parameters for biomass estimation and crop health status.  The mapEO crop height products can deliver height measurements up to cm level accuracies based on a single drone mission.
  • Crop Cover:
    To assist any crop expert in analyzing the plant heterogeneity throughout their fields, the mapEO crop cover product calculates the percentage coverage of a particular crop at any place in your field.
  • Crop Count:
    Plant counting at an early stage of the vegetation cycle provides important information on seed quality and productivity. mapEO crop count product uses the latest image analysis techiques to identify and calculate the number of plants in your fields, row after row, after row.