What can MAPEO do for you?

mapEO let’s you analyze and share drone data and specializes in agriculture fields, more specifically in the follow-up of experimental plots. 

Visualize your data sets

Visualize your data sets from any drone platform. Drone data come in many formats and resolution which is not always easy if you want to see the complete picture. mapEO will incorporate your data into one spatial database which allows you to easily visualize your crop growth throughout the growing season. 

Download various data sets

Download various data sets. Although mapEO let’s you zoom into all the details of your drone data, you also want your experts to dive further into these maps and combine with crop specific data. 

Analyze & extract

Analyze & extract information with fast and reliable algorithms. Behind the scenes of mapEO advanced products like crop height, crop cover or crop count, are fast and reliable algorithms that extract vital information on your experimental fields.

Share knowledge

Share knowledge. mapEO can be used on all levels of your organization, from the production manager to crop specialists and let you share your findings directly with your colleagues. 

View, share & combine knowledge to support your decision making!